Wedding Photobooks

Wedding Photobooks

Premium quality, hardcover books. 12×12  & 7×7 inches. 20 – 80 pages 

Design & Proofing Services – Photobooks are custom designed by Kirsten at Photographica. Before your book goes to print, Kirsten will send you a draft version which you can approve for printing or request a set of changes to.

About the books – Photobooks  are printed in Australia and hand-stitched using the best materials and papers available. 20-40 page photobooks are suitable for all levels of coverage. while 40-80 page photobooks are best suited to 4 hours of coverage and more. Photobook covers include a choice of neutral Linen colours or ‘Imagewrap’, where the cover design is embedded in a durable hardcover surface.

Additional Parent Copies When you order a 12×12 inch photobook, you will have the option  to purchase additional ‘Parent copies’. With the design work done, these additional copies make an affordable gift for parents and distant family. ‘Parent copies’ are available as either 12×12″ or 7×7″ versions of the original book.

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If you have any questions, please contact Kirsten on 0432 839 779