Southern End Wedding, Denmark WA

Claire and Luke come from farming families in the Wheatbelt and decided on a Southern End Wedding in Denmark WA. From the beginning it seemed that rather than a smooth day running to plan, the day had plans for us! Through the rain, the case of the missing groomsmen and a collapsed wedding cake, Claire and Luke remained very cool customers! Thankfully though they had a good team of professionals around them to smooth over the unforeseen surprises and create a gorgeous event that turned out beautifully.

After the ceremony, the rain was still coming down, but that wasn’t going to stop Claire and Luke who were still keen for the farm location that we had planned for their photos. Luckily the place I had lined up offered us some shelter from the driving wind and rain! Again, the planned outdoor location was perfect but where we spent the majority of our time was a little unusual – a cow shed – but it was prefect, providing some beautiful lighting and the opportunity to dash outside with the bridal party whenever the rain stopped, to take in the views and all the farmy aspects they loved.

Even with the best laid plans, more often than not, weddings require an element of improvisation and adaptation, which I think is why I enjoy them so much. It’s a chance to respond creatively to the moment and find beauty in the natural flow of things. Enough philosophy though, it’s time for some photos!

Claire & Luke’s photography package included 5 hours of photography, a set of over 400 high resolution images and 20 magazine quality edits to tell the story of their day. These are a collection of my favourites.

Kirsten Sivyer, Professional Wedding Photographer Denmark WA

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