Wedding Suppliers

Images for Wedding Suppliers

Kirsten welcomes enquiries from wedding suppliers seeking permission to use her photos for private or commercial use.

Terms will vary depending on your intended use for the images and all enquiries for commercial, public and promotional use of images must be made to Kirsten Sivyer who maintains sole copyright of all images taken.

Wedding and other private clients are granted limited distribution rights for their own personal use and should not be asked to share their photos with wedding suppliers as this would be a breach of copyright and Kirsten’s contract with them.

If you are a wedding supplier, join ‘Photographica by Kirsten Sivyer’ on Facebook where you can browse available images from weddings and events Kirsten has covered.

Below are Kirsten’s image sharing terms for some popular requests.

Images for Facebook


Share watermarked images from Photographica’s Facebook page to your own Facebook page free of charge when you agree to the following terms and conditions of use:

  • You seek the client’s permission to display their image on your page.
  • Use the ‘Share’ Button to maintain the original image link to Photographica’s Facebook page
  • Do not crop or change the image in any way
  • Watermarks must remain visible
  • Images may not be saved and used outside of Facebook
  • If you would like Kirsten to credit your business in the image description, send her a request through Facebook
Images for Websites

Charges may apply*

Kirsten is happy to cross-promote with wedding suppliers and will supply low-resolution, watermarked images for use on websites free of charge under the following conditions:

  • Kirsten is granted permission by the client to share their image with a third party
  • Website images must include an image credit to ‘Kirsten Sivyer / Photographica’ with an active link to Photographica’s website.
  • Watermarks must remain intact and visible.

* Charges will apply to:

  • Watermark free and/or high resolution images
  • Requests for images other than those displayed on Photographica’s Facebook page.
High-resolution images

Charges apply

High resolution, watermark free images for print and display advertising are available at a per image rate. Images are printable with good quality up to 20×30 inches on photo paper and 40×60 inches on canvas. With the clients’ permission, Kirsten will supply retouched and enhanced, high-resolution images at the following rates:

  • Images that are currently displayed on Facebook $45.00 per image
  • Images other than those displayed on Facebook $66.00 per image*
  • Conditions: images used online must include an image credit to ‘Kirsten Sivyer / Photographica’ with an active link to Photographica’s website.

For enquiries, or to view a complete collection of photos from a wedding or event, please email Kirsten at

 Thank you!