Drone Photography Albany & Denmark

Photographica provides exterior drone photography stills and videos for commercial, industrial, and real estate advertisers.

Photographica’s commercial services include fast response and prompt turnaround times. Our online proofing and downloading service ensure you get the images you want quickly and easily.

Kirsten delivers high-resolution, edited images suitable for print and online applications.

Videos can be delivered in HD or 4k at various compressions to suit your needs.

To request a quote on drone photography, contact Kirsten at 0432 839 779


Drone Video

Drone videos are customised to suit your needs. Starting packages include a silent 20-second video comprising 5-10 scenes for $695.00. Other options include additional scenes, animated interior stills, soundtracks, titles, and captions. To discuss your requirements and request a quote, please contact Kirsten at 0432 839 779.

Drone Stills

Soon after a drone session, images are available to browse in a private online gallery.  Linework to show property boundaries is offered free of charge. Choose your favourite images for editing and high-resolution download.